Monthly Classroom Project

The Monthly Classroom Project is the action component of Little Known Help Zone’s mission to empower children. Each month, a supplies kit full of classroom supplies and personalized kits for each student. Founded in August 2017, below are the classrooms visited. Read more specifics in the Monthly Classroom Project Tab.

April 2019: South Philadelphia High School, Philadelphia PA (2 classrooms)

March 2019: Ludlowe Elementary School, Philadelphia PA (3 classrooms)

February 2019: Central Elementary School, Allentown PA (3 Classrooms)

January 2019: Mosser Elementary School, Allentown PA, (4 Classrooms)

December 2018: Esperanza Academy Elementary School, PA

November 2018: Esperanza Academy Elementary School, PA

October 2018: Esperanza Academy Elementary School, PA

September 2018: Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy, Montana

August 2018: St. Charles Mission School, Montana

July 2018: St. Labre Indian School, Montana

June 2018: Miss Bittnere- Washington Elementary

May 2018: Miss Lovelidge- Washington Elementary

April 2018: John Marshall Elementary

March 2018: John Marshall Elementary

February 2018: John Marshall Elementary

January 2018: Mr. O’Brien- Camelot KAPS

December 2018: Ms. Day- Washington Elementary

November 2018: Ms. Guranich- Washington Elementary

October 2017: Ms. Spang- Washington Elementary

September 2017: Ms. Huff-Washington Elementary

August 2017: Ms. Emert- Washington Elementary