Children’s Education Abroad

Every child deserves a fun, stimulating education that makes a difference in their life. We work across the Americas to support children’s educational initiatives.

Mayans in Guatemala are often times the recipients of discrimination. The statistics are alarming, with 7/10 Mayan girls pregnant, 50% by familial members.About 15% of Mayans who attend school graduate, and only about 50% of boys and 30% of Mayan girls even have the opportunity to go to school to begin with. Luckily, this is starting to improve.

Little Known Help Zone is alarmed by these numbers, and supports education. $360 is enough to send one kid to school for a year and provide all the educational expenses needed. In addition to the fees to visit school, often times there are situations at home that make success in school difficult. This is why Little Known Help Zone also funds additional needs of the student, including graduations fees and comforts at home like beds.

Little Known Help Zone will be partnering with, Puedo Leer Library, La Esperanza Grenada.

Past partners include Roatan Children’s Fund, Honduran Children.

We have worked on this project from 2011-2017.


Meet Our Sponsored Students

Brenda Johanna


Brenda Yohana, was born on December 27, 1996. She is now in 11th grade in 2015 and her favorite class is art. In her free time she enjoys playing soccer. Although her parents were unable to attend school beyond the 3rd grade, Brenda hopes to continue to get a higher education, and is already an example for her younger and older siblings, being the first of the family to make to 11th grade!

Her 2015 education is sponsored. LKHZ also paid for graduation costs.

Julio Cesar

Julio Cesar will be moving on to 10th grade next year. He lives in a small village named Pacaman with his mother and his siblings. His father sadly passed away in 2011. His favorite subject in school is biology and in his free time he enjoys playing sports.

His 2016 and 2017 education is sponsored. LKHZ also provided Julio with a new bed.

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