Children's Education Abroad, My Community

Donations for El Salvador Orphanage

For the trip to El Salvador, Little Known Help Zone will be bringing a variety of fun books to the Remar Orphanage.

First, Little Known Help Zone would like to extend huge thanks to Salisbury Middle School for donating over 30 books to bring to El Salvador. These beginner level chapter books are perfect, as often times donations do not include advanced books like these. These will be perfect for people trying to perfect their english moving forward and the books are wonderful. All of these will be going.

Also going will be over 15 children’s books and 5 School Workbooks. Additionally, some toys and clothing will be brought as well.

These donations will be distributed to the kids at the Remar Orphanage and School.

Stay tuned for pictures from the trip!

Children's Education Abroad, My Community

El Salvador Visit

Little Known Help Zone is headed to El Salvador!

El Salvador is yet another impoverished country in Central America that needs help. With an average monthly income of $89 and recuperation from a civil war, El Salvador’s small lands have large needs.

When visiting, Little Known Help Zone will be bringing books, diapers, clothes and toys to the children of El Salvador. A recent swell caused destruction to the local towns. More information about the donations will be posted next week.

First, we will be joining the children of El Zote to play and distribute books. Then we will be visiting the Remar Orphanage and School in El Tunco, a compound with over 80 orphanages.

It is bound to be a rewarding trip, stay tuned!