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Fundraiser Cause #2- Guatemala

The next cause that Little Known Help Zone will be raising money for is Mayan Families in Guatemala.

Specifically, we will be raising money to send a Guatemalan child to school for a year. For $360, a child can attend school for one year and further their education to move on in life and support their families.

Little Known Help Zone will be selling erasers and pencil toppers at $1 a piece to benefit these students, and hopefully enough money will be raised to send a child to school! Stay tuned for more!

Read more about the sponsor a student at

Fundraising, My Community

Fundraiser Cause #1- Costa Rica

The fall fundraiser will focus on three causes in three different countries, and the first announced cause is the JumpStart program run by Amigos of Costa Rica.

Two hundred dollars pays for a student to attend this four-week intensive English Camp, and Little Known Help Zone is going to raise the money to send a kid to learn English by selling soda tab bracelets, a sustainable idea that stemmed from a trip to Costa Rica.

Since the majority of the crowd will be young kids, these bracelets will be sold for $4 a piece. The aim is to sell 50, because with 50 bracelets one kid can go to the JumpStart Camp!

The next few weeks will be sent making all 50 of the bracelets, and if you would like to order or help, please contact!

Just one of many facets of the fall fundraiser, this project should lead to many great things.

Stay tuned to read about the other parts as they are released, and read more about JumpStart here!